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Keeping Current on Living Expenses

Debtors must operate on a cash basis while in Chapter 13.  That means you must use cash to pay your regular bills and living expenses.  The use of credit cards, payday loans, title loans, salary advances, “pay over time” or financing of any kind without the prior approval of the Bankruptcy Judge or the Chapter 13 Trustee is strictly prohibited while you are in Chapter 13.  The only exception for borrowing without prior approval is in the case of an emergency for the protection and preservation of life, health or property.

In addition to paying your regular living expenses, you must maintain insurance on your property, pay your post-petition taxes as they become due, and remain current on any debt or lease listed as “direct pay by the debtor” in your Chapter 13 plan.  If you are regularly incurring expenses that you cannot pay in cash, then you should speak with your attorney.