All 341 meetings held on January 16th were continued to a later date. Debtors may contact their attorney’s offices and creditors may contact Linda Dickerson at extension 146 to receive the new meeting dates and times.

Please note: There is a new Zoom number and passcode for 341 Meetings of Creditors. See below for more information.


The Chapter 13 Trustee Booklet

This handbook answers some of the most common questions asked by debtors participating in the Chapter 13 Program (“Chapter 13”).  Because Chapter 13 is a legal proceeding encompassing numerous and complex issues which exceed the scope of this publication, Chapter 13 debtors should contact their attorneys whenever they have questions.  The Chapter 13 Trustee administers your case and provides this booklet for your convenience only.  The Chapter 13 Trustee office is not a law firm and does not give out legal advice.  Any communication from the Chapter 13 Trustee and/or her staff to you or your attorney should NOT be construed as legal advice, including this booklet.  Rather, you should seek legal advice from your attorney.

Chapter 13 Booklet