Please note: There is a new Zoom number and passcode for 341 Meetings of Creditors. See below for more information.


Online Case Information for Creditors

Pursuant to her duties under the Bankruptcy Code, the Chapter 13 Trustee makes information regarding the administration of debtors’ estates available online to parties in interest.  Additionally, parties in interest can call or email the Trustee’s Office with questions or requests regarding claims, disbursements or case status reports at (432) 265-2261 ext. 141 or  If you only have a few claims or cases you are monitoring, then you may find calling or emailing our office more helpful than using the online case access.

Online case access to case information is limited to only those cases in which the creditor is a party-in-interest and where the creditor has filed a proof of claim.  Further, please understand the following limitations on the online case information:

  1. It is comprised of data from the Trustee’s computerized database that has been transferred to a separate server generally within one to two business days of the close of business on any given Chapter 13 business day.  Therefore, it does not represent the most timely or complete information available to the Trustee.
  2. It contains information provided to the Trustee by third parties which has not been audited or verified by the Trustee.
  3. It does not necessarily reflect all work in process by the Trustee with respect to any particular case.
  4. It may not reflect the most current information that has been received by the Trustee or filed with the Court.

Any information given regarding the status of a case or claim is subject to court approval and is not legally binding.

Requesting Username and Password
To obtain a username and password for online case access, a creditor (or creditor representative) must submit a request on company letterhead including, the following required information:

• Creditor’s Name(s) and Mailing Address
• A Contact Name, Phone/Fax Number and Email Address for the User Account
• All Claim Payment Addresses related to cases which you want to access

The Trustee’s Office will provide user access to online case information based on the creditor’s claim payment addresses associated with the case.  Therefore, when submitting a user access request, a creditor should provide all payment address variations that have been used on its proofs of claim.

Also, consider providing an email address that will be monitored by your company even if the primary contact person changes.  Otherwise, you will need to update contact information as it changes for the user account.  Your request should be emailed to and the assigned username and password will be sent to the Contact’s Email address provided in the request.

Online case access is provided at  You should select Kara L. West as trustee and you will have to accept and agree to the Website Access Terms of Use Agreement before you can access the case data.  Please read this agreement carefully as it imposes affirmative duties and obligations upon the user.  Website access statistics are periodically reviewed, and registered users who are not accessing the website may have their access permission terminated.  If terminated, a creditor will have to reapply for access.  The Trustee reserves the right to deny access to any party who is misusing the data and further pursue remedies as provided in the Web Access Terms of Use Agreement.