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Request for Taxpayer EIN

This office is strictly an office of a Chapter 13 Standing Trustee and, accordingly, funds sent to Kara L. West in her capacity as standing trustee are not for services, legal or otherwise, but are trustee funds for distribution to creditors.  Furthermore, the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office is exempt from Federal Income Taxes in any case, pursuant to IRS Code § 501(c)(1).  For these reasons, this office will not furnish taxpayer EIN information in response to requests by employers, creditors, or attorneys.

We understand your concern in complying with the Internal Revenue Code.  However, this office is administering an individual case pursuant to a Chapter 13 plan approved by the Bankruptcy Court.  All amounts sent to us on behalf of the debtor for distribution under his or her plan should be properly reported on the debtor’s (the payee’s) tax documents (i.e. Form W-2 or 1099).  As such, these amounts are properly reported under the debtor’s (payee’s) social security number rather than under the employer identification number assigned to this office.