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Meetings of Creditors

Chapter 13 meetings of creditors for the Southern and Winchester Divisions will be held by web conferencing or by telephonic means, and there will NOT be an option to appear in person. Creditors and attorneys should consult bankruptcy court dockets for the rescheduled dates and times.

Information on Web and Teleconference and Guidance on Authenticating Identification

Important Information Regarding Tax Refunds

The Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office will not return phone calls about the status of tax refunds.

Please review the information about the tax refund process available on this site.

Meeting of Creditor Dockets

Typically, meetings of creditors are held every Monday and Tuesday for Chattanooga cases and every Monday afternoon for Winchester cases.  There are times when this schedule may vary, so please be sure to consult the court record for the noticed hearing date and time.  For your convenience, dockets for meetings of creditors for Chattanooga cases and Winchester cases are available by noon two (2) business days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

About Kara. L. West, Trustee

Kara L. West serves as the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee in the Eastern District of Tennessee for both the Southern Division and Winchester Division. As such, Ms. West is assigned as party of interest in all Chapter 13 cases filed in those Divisions and oversees the administration of Chapter 13 plans. This includes reviewing bankruptcy filings and proposed plans for compliance with bankruptcy laws, collecting plan payments and distributing funds to creditors, maintaining an accounting of the Chapter 13 plans and seeking legal remedies which may further the administration of the plan. Ms. West maintains office staff to help her in these functions; however, the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office is not a law firm and does not give out legal advice.

Do not send any emails to OR They are unmonitored and only process emails sent from the Bankruptcy Court for PACER. This rule includes debtors, attorney, creditors and other parties. Your email will not be seen.