Chapter 13 Trustee
Eastern District of Tennessee
Southern and Winchester Divisions

Status Reports by Internet

Internet Access

Access to case status information is available via Internet. The website is Access from this link will open the site directly into Kara L. West's trustee information. Enter your user name and password in ALL CAPS. Search for information by case number (use only the numbers and enter dash after first two digits). All available information is on one screen.

Obtaining User Name and Password

To obtain a user name and password for system access, you must submit a written request on company letterhead. Mail it to our PO Box 511, Chattanooga TN 37401 address.
Include the Company Name, a Contact Name, Mailing Address, Phone number, Fax number, Email address, and ALL CLAIM PAYMENT ADDRESSES THAT YOU NEED TO ACCESS. It is very important to provide updates to the contact information. It may be better to provide an email address that will be monitored by your company even if the primary contact person changes. An email address is REQUIRED for user setup.

To limit access to parties of interest, you must have a claim in the case. We will have to assign you a common creditor number. You must provide address variations (check mailing address street addresses and PO Boxes with zip codes) that you use to file claims so we can identify creditors and assign the common creditor number.

If any addresses you provide conflict with another creditor's address, you will be issued separate user logins for different creditors. This will mainly affect attorney offices that function as third-party representatives of creditors. Please try to use consistent addresses for filing claims.

The sign-on information will be returned by email to the address provided.

Debtors can review their own case information. Their user name is their case number (including the dash) and their password is the last 4 digits of the primay debtor's Social Security Number.

Creditors seeking access must be a party in interest to the case and should have a significant count of cases involving them. Creditors with only a few cases should call our office at 423-265-2261 ext. 141 to request a current case status sheet.

Website access statistics are periodically reviewed and registered users who are not accessing the website may have their access permission terminated. If terminated, a creditor will have to reapply for access. The Trustee reserves the right to deny access to any party who is misusing the data.

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