Chapter 13 Trustee
Eastern District of Tennessee
Southern and Winchester Divisions

Trustee Disbursements

This office issues system disbursements once a month. All disbursements are made by check. Disbursement by electronic funds transfer is not available.
The disbursements are calculated as of the last workday in each month.
Checks are mailed approximately 1 1/2 weeks after this. The check mailing date generally ranges from the 12th to the 19th of the month.
It is office policy to send voucher checks for up to 50 claims per voucher check. Individual checks are only sent in specialized circumstances.

Creditor Information

Creditors are set up in our system based on the submitted claim address. To minimize the checks you receive, please use a standardized mailing address in standard postal format.
Standard postal addressing can be reviewed here: U.S. Postal Service ZIP+4 Lookup. Enter your address and submit. The results will show the standard postal address and zip+4 zipcode. Sample items to watch for include street name and direction abbreviations, using PO Box (preferred) OR street address (but not both), and using numerals not spelled out numbers (17TH ST instead of SEVENTEENTH STREET)
Standardizing payee names and "in care of" names is also helpful.
Inform the Trustee's office of payment address changes and make an official written request to change ALL creditor payment addresses to the correct address. Using a central payment address is a great benefit.
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