Chapter 13 Trustee
Eastern District of Tennessee
Southern and Winchester Divisions

Automated payment by bank debit for debtors

NOTE: There are no new enrollments being processed. Existing participants may continue with the program and make changes to payment amount, deduction date, and bank account as before. There is no payment suspension available. If a debtor is removed from the program for any reason, ACH Debit will not be reinstated. To preserve the right to pay with personal checks, terminate the participation before a bank chargeback occurs. After a bank chargeback all payments must be made by money order or cashier’s check, or the debtor can optionally enroll in TFS Bill Pay to make electronic payments.

ACH deductions will continue until officially terminated or a bank chargeback is received. Using TFS Bill Pay does NOT automatically terminate the ACH debit process.

The debtors have the option of choosing either the 5th of the month or the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Friday of the month to have the funds transferred regardless of the regular monthly date due.

The entire plan payment will be deducted in a single transaction. This is designed to work for monthly payment debtors that have a regular fixed source of income (such as SSN recipients.) Semi-monthly, biweekly and weekly payers can participate, but all the funds will be taken in a single transaction. Cases eligible for employment wage order deduction must use a wage order for payment. Debtors who are paying direct but have irregular income should not enroll.

If a payment is dishonored or charged back by the bank, the debtors’ participation will be terminated and the debtors will have to make the remaining payments with cashier’s checks or money orders, or they may OPTIONALLY enroll in TFS Bill Pay ( to make payments electronically.

The debtors can voluntarily terminate participation, but, once terminated, they cannot be reinstated to the program. Do NOT terminate the deduction if you want to change the deduction amount or change the bank account.

FORMS (New forms with effective date 9/28/2018) Fillable form PDFs

Original Debit Authorization - no more cases are being enrolled.

Termination of Debit Authorization Minimum 3 days to process. Original or fax or email. There is no reinstatement after termination.

Payment Change/Date Change Authorization Minimum 3 days to process. Original or fax or email.

Bank Change Authorization Minimum 10 days to process. Must get original signed form.

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